MA Keramik x Konstantin Filippou

A chefs choice of his plates is a very important one. It's in fact the stage of his art. We had the pleasure to develop something special within a great idea.​ What a beautiful cooperation.

MA Keramik x Sofitel

Cocotte ​means casserole but also darling. We created this precious object to carry bread, a very basic but for us valuable food. It was us a pleasure.

MA Keramik x Öfferl


We are proud and honored to be part of this project. Thanks to the team and your trust in our work.

MA Keramik x Apron


A young, dynamic team –truly sympathetic from head to toes, made us work a lot – we are super thrilled to try your beautifully looking food, team Apron! Thank you for getting in touch.

Where to buy?

A variation of single pieces can be found in our showroom at 'Auslage von Griesbacher und Tafner' in vienna.